A downloadable Unbeatable for Windows

You use A and D to move side by side in this fast pace arcade Game. Race past the blue cubes to get to the finish line. The green blocks will stop you but they won't kill you, they are just to slow you down. Just listen to music and rage as you strive the the end. Also, give any feedback in the comments and I will try to implement new features in the future.

FYI - IT ISN'T BEATABLE (My Bad) basically if you get to 6,000 you win..... hurray?

Install instructions

When you download the game extract the files from the zip file and it will make a folder. Then boot the game from that folder. Have Fun!!!


The Blandest Game Beta Version 1.4 17 MB
The Blandest Game Beta Version 1.5 22 MB

Development log


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Hey Guys

Send us comments on what we should change in this game and also your overall thoughts on it!